Vapes4vets #24: Bryan Krumm

Bryan Krumm is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and the director of Harmony Psychiatric, llc. He has over a quarter century of psychiatric experience. He helped draft New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Law and helped get PTSD added as an indication for the Medical Cannabis Program. He currently manages over a thousand PTSD patients in New Mexico's Medical Cannabis Program. He is the author of "Cannabis for post-traumatic stress disorder: A neurobiological approach to treatment". Available at

In 2009, Krumm filed a rescheduling petition for Cannabis with the DEA demanding removal of Cannabis fro Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act. Although his petition was rejected by the DEA August 11, 2016, DEA was forced to open access to research by allowing more people to grow Cannabis for research, and by easing restrictions for researchers. This rescheduling petition also forced the DEA to finally admit they have been lying about (1) the gateway drug hypothesis; (2) irreversible cognitive decline in adults; (3) cannabis causing psychosis; and (4) cannabis causing lung cancer. In May, Krumm filed a new rescheduling petition demanding that Cannabis be removed from federal control, and that control be handed over to the states.


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