Vapes4Vets #20: Sarah Stenuf

Sarah is a 28 year old medically retired Veteran. She served 4 honorable years in the United States Army and was medically retired for epilepsy and PTSD. She is a marijuana patient, advocate, and enthusiast. Sarah is on a mission to help raise awareness about holistic medicine and the dangers that veterans face as a result of pharmaceutical drugs and post-service issues. Sarah is founder of HappyHealing420 LLC, a board member for Cannabis Cultural Association, Leadership Advisor & Managing Member for Vets Abuv Ground, a member of SuperCloset's “Outside Growers” Program through her social media alias HappyHealing420, a New England Veterans Alliance member, and is Horticulture 1 & 2 certified through Oaksterdam University. She shares her life-saving testimony with the community; as she speaks around the country connecting with fellow veterans to develop much needed resources to end the stigmas on plant based medicine and help create social justice reform.

Sarah will be back soon!!

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