Vapes4Vets 25: Tim and Nick

Tim Locklear and Nicholas Evans are United States Veterans who have started an organization called Glass House. Tim is a 34 year old Army Infantry veteran who served in Iraq back in 2008-10, medevac out of theater and dealing with a lot. Nick is a 27 year old Army vet who deployed as a support company for 3rd SF. Nick did parachute rigging and aerial delivery for a year in 2011.

They use a combination of methods to treat and help Veterans at Glass House which include service dogs, outdoor therapy and healing, holistic living, organic living and eating, natural remedies for issues. Tim and Nick are continuing to find ideas to get more vets to partake in this experience of getting to know others and encouraging others while getting help within ourselves.

More to come from these guys VERY soon!

Vapes4vets #24: Bryan Krumm

Bryan Krumm is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and the director of Harmony Psychiatric, llc. He has over a quarter century of psychiatric experience. He helped draft New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Law and helped get PTSD added as an indication for the Medical Cannabis Program. He currently manages over a thousand PTSD patients in New Mexico's Medical Cannabis Program. He is the author of "Cannabis for post-traumatic stress disorder: A neurobiological approach to treatment". Available at

In 2009, Krumm filed a rescheduling petition for Cannabis with the DEA demanding removal of Cannabis fro Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act. Although his petition was rejected by the DEA August 11, 2016, DEA was forced to open access to research by allowing more people to grow Cannabis for research, and by easing restrictions for researchers. This rescheduling petition also forced the DEA to finally admit they have been lying about (1) the gateway drug hypothesis; (2) irreversible cognitive decline in adults; (3) cannabis causing psychosis; and (4) cannabis causing lung cancer. In May, Krumm filed a new rescheduling petition demanding that Cannabis be removed from federal control, and that control be handed over to the states.


Vapes4Vets #23: Ellen Brown

Cannabis Advocate, Master Cultivator, Educator, U.S Veteran
Pro MAX Grow’s Educational Ambassador and Master Cultivator, Ellen Taylor Brown has mentored 100’s of cannabis growers throughout the U.S. over the last 10 years. Ellen’s extensive knowledge and first hand industry experience has made her a sought after cannabis expert. A veteran of the United States Air Force, Ellen was awarded the Air Combat Command - Nutritional Medicine Airman of the Year award in 2008.

As founder of Sinsemilla Seminars, Ellen Brown has taught thousands of students, patients and caregivers from all over the country in large classroom settings to freelance consulting in the marijuana industry for the last decade. Ellen’s educational outreach specializes in sustainable cannabis cultivation, best practices and how to create a multitude of cannabis by products from tinctures to edibles. A prominent advocate and educator, Ellen has spoken all over the world including the Northeastern Cannabis Institute, the Boston Freedom Rally and the High Times Jamaica Cannabis Cup, using her knowledge to inspire others to become their own best advocates.

Ellen uses her tremendous skillset to set up her students and clients for success in the cannabis industry. She continues to impart her years of wisdom and experience as a way to help create a much needed paradigm shift on a failing war on drugs. She believes that if we teach each other about the benefits of cannabis and hemp plant that we will be able to secure the plant’s safety for future generations. In an industry that is evolving, growing and thriving we need teachers and advocates who will empower and lead by example such as she has.

Vapes4Vets #22: Rick Raines

Rick Raines is a RPTA and practices physical therapy in West Central Georgia. He first joined NORML in 1976 after graduating from high school. After high school, he joined the US Army as a Cavalry Scout and served overseas in Korea. After his service, he attended Physical Therapy School in Tennessee and graduated in 1987. Treating patients with pain, spasticity, and the depression chronic pain causes was frustrating, especially when he saw the long, expensive list of prescription medications they were prescribed. So he began researching Medical Cannabis about ten years ago.

Attending the First Annual Cannabis Conference in Atlanta he met and found great hope and inspiration in Sharon Ravert, Dean Sines, and Kelley Hammock and any doubt or fear about where his new focus in life would be dissolved. Rick has been an active Member of Peachtree NORML since 2014 and serves as President/Treasurer of the Mid-Georgia Chapter in Macon. As a healthcare professional and Veteran, he is committed to sharing the truth and knowledge with the citizens of Georgia that cannabis is indeed medicine and is helping tens of millions of citizens across this nation with minimum side effects.

Vapes4Vets #21: Ryan Lo’ree

Ryan Lo’Ree is a United States Army Veteran and candidate for the 50th District in the Michigan House of Representatives, serving Burton city, Grand Blanc city and township, and Mundy township. He has been a community grassroots activist for about 10 years and has established roles in community outreach programs. Ryan is the co-founder of The People's Army, formerly known as Veterans for Clean Water and has made a point to be a voice at local community meetings in the Genesee County area.

Ryan was born and raised in the Flint community and currently resides in Mundy Township with his wife and 6 children. He recently returned home from Standing Rock in North Dakota where he was part of the thousands of Military Veterans who stood as a shield for the Souix Tribe to halt the pipeline construction on the Dakota. Ryan, along with many others, are working side by side and fighting at the local and state level governments to restore clean drinking water to Flint. He is very passionate about working towards a solution to the Flint water crisis, bringing in jobs through renewable energy sources and advocating for Medical Marijuana patients and their families.

The two party system has failed us and its time we show the world that the Independents mean business. Thank you for all of your support and Ryan looks forward to being your 50th District Michigan State House Representative.

Vapes4Vets #20: Sarah Stenuf

Sarah is a 28 year old medically retired Veteran. She served 4 honorable years in the United States Army and was medically retired for epilepsy and PTSD. She is a marijuana patient, advocate, and enthusiast. Sarah is on a mission to help raise awareness about holistic medicine and the dangers that veterans face as a result of pharmaceutical drugs and post-service issues. Sarah is founder of HappyHealing420 LLC, a board member for Cannabis Cultural Association, Leadership Advisor & Managing Member for Vets Abuv Ground, a member of SuperCloset's “Outside Growers” Program through her social media alias HappyHealing420, a New England Veterans Alliance member, and is Horticulture 1 & 2 certified through Oaksterdam University. She shares her life-saving testimony with the community; as she speaks around the country connecting with fellow veterans to develop much needed resources to end the stigmas on plant based medicine and help create social justice reform.

Sarah will be back soon!!

Vapes4Vets #19: Dakota and Barry

Dakota Serna and Barry Richardson are both United States Veterans and have been working together to help Veterans and legalize cannabis in Michigan. They have been traveling around America and reaching out to Veterans across the country.
This podcast is extremely interesting as it covers PTSD effecting people other then Combat Veterans. Dakota and Barry were also involved with Ian Benouis in the “Soldiers of the Vine”. Barry helps people link up with plant medicines and is also working with cancer patients.
Dakota and Barry have offered to come back on and share their progress. I look forward to speaking with them again and following their journey.

Vapes4Vets SPECIAL: Ryan, Ian and Matt

This episode was a lot of fun and included Ryan LeCompte, Ian Benouis and Matthew Kahl. All three of these gentlemen have worked together on multiple fronts helping the Veteran community.

Ryan LeCompte had some technical difficulties during this episode but he will be coming back soon to do a solo podcast as he has an amazing story and heads a very special organization.

Vapes4Vets #17: Aaron Augustis

Aaron Augustis served in the US Army as a Combat Engineer, Team Leader Sergeant. He enlisted June of 1998 from his home state of California and deployed to Mosul, Iraq in 2003 with the 37th Engineer Battalion Combat Airborne out of Fort Bragg, NC. His experience in Iraq led to him his current efforts of advocating for veterans to have access to medical cannabis for their service connected disabilities, especially combat PTSD.

Aaron founded the Veterans Cannabis Group and helps educate, network, support, and be a resource for our nation’s veterans who use medical cannabis. Through the Veterans Cannabis Group, he has formed partnerships with other cannabis businesses and groups to ensure that veterans have an opportunity for employment. Aaron helps employ veterans through HardCarSecurity which provides security and armored transportation for the cannabis industry. Veterans are a natural fit for this type of work because of their combat military training and recent boots on the ground experience from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Aaron did not connect with the Veterans Health Administration until 2011, eight years after he was discharged from the military. He, like many other veterans Aaron has met, wanted little or nothing to do with the VA or the Department of Defense after he was honorably discharged. Thankfully for Aaron, he met his local Veterans Service Officer who encouraged him to enroll in the VHA. From there Aaron found many VHA services to be extremely beneficial and received the health care benefits he earned through serving his country.

"I advise all veterans that they should enroll in the VHA and get the services and benefits they are entitled to and deserve. I also highly recommend counseling for any veteran who served in a combat zone. We do not advocate cannabis as a cure all, but as a medicinal tool that should be incorporated with other healthy tools and lifestyle choices. Do not feel like you have to do it on your own. You have already earned these amazing benefits, you just have to request for access to them"


Vapes4Vets #16: Cody Blackwell

Cody Blackwell served five and a half years in the US Army as an infantryman. Cody currently receives 60% disability for his back and PTSD due to injuries sustained while serving in Iraq from 2007 to 2009. At first the military gave Cody opiates to deal with his back pain which he then became addicted to, as well as self-medicating with alcohol daily.

In 2014 Cody received his medical card for marijuana and it changed his life and gave him hope that he could be around people without anxiety. Since then Cody has gotten his Associates in applied science degree at South Puget Sound Community College and completed the automotive program .Cody is currently in the midst of completing a AA in business admin at South Puget Sound Community College. Without marijuana Cody would not be able to have any quality of life or be able to go to school without having anxiety and being unsociable.